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Feb 03, 2016

Hi Mai Tai,

Loved your scarf rings. I have ordered at least one in each size. I am new to wearing carrés and your scarf rings and handy tutorials are helping me find creative ways to wear them in my outfits!

Thank you for your prompt shipping and timely email updates, as well.

Love from Canada

Feb 03, 2016

Hi MaiTai,

My beautiful items arrived yesterday. Thank you for the very fast shipping!

My grey stole is so divine that I will definitely order more. My bag insert is perfect and fits in my Goyard St Louis perfectly.

Thank you for creating such beautiful things. You are amazing! I first ordered from you in 2010 and I’ve always loved the items I’ve received.

Kind regards,

Jan 24, 2016

Dear Mai Tai,

Thank you very much for prompt delivery. All are beautiful products in smart wrapping. All are designed well especially 90 cm carré a scarf book that is perfect size. Each pocket holds 90cm carré comfortably and it is easy to choose one out of eight pocket. I can only imagine you spent a long time to design and to choose the best material.

For daily use I love 90 carré pochette single. It is smart and a practical, just the right side to hold one carré in office when I would like to take it off and hold it with care. I finally found the solution have been looking for for a long time. I also like three inside pockets for scarf rings or earrings for evening out .

And the Anneeau Infinity Laquered in Or is delightful gold colour. It weighs light, unlike these made with metal, it will stay right place all day.

Thank you very much.

Jan 17, 2016

Delighted with my Kelly bag inserts, Scarf Ring Pochette and set of four Lavender Bags.
Outstanding quality, beautifully wrapped and warm communicatin from Mai Tai..

Many thanks

Dec 17, 2015

In response to comment below:

Dear Justine,

I am truly sorry the collar doesn’t fit you and that you felt compelled to leave a negative feedback because of it.

The length of the collar is listed in the product description, and instead of requesting a dense collar, a light and fluffy one might have been a better choice (the denser the collar the more volume it has).

Customer happiness is my number one priority, and if you would have contacted me within a reasonable time frame, I would’ve of course been happy to arrange a return, even though the 10 day period had lapsed.

As it happened, you wrote the comment below more than two months after you made the purchase. I truly wish we could have sorted this out in time to ensure a satisfying transaction.

I am so happy you enjoy your other items from my collection, thanks so much.

Best regards,

Dec 10, 2015

I ordered a fox collar. It is truly beautiful, but does not fit properly. I do not think there is an error in the product. I have a larger neck and made sure to stipulate the least fluffy type in my order. Since I do not have a long neck, this collar comes above my jaw bone. I am sorry to have missed the 10 day email return policy. Unless you have a long slim neck, you may want to reconsider this collar. I love everything in Mai Tai Collection and I am disappointed to have to leave an unfavorable review.
Justine Story

Justine Story
Dec 01, 2015

Received my 2 Jewelry boxes and they are a fabulous design and as like everything else from the MaiTai collection wonderful quality.
Also received my new scarf rings perfect.
As always everything was packed beautifully and posted out so quickly.
many thanks

Jane Mcnellis
Nov 16, 2015

I have just opened a box containing my fox fur collar. Oh my it is beautiful!!! I am so thrilled. So often when you buy something online it is not as good as you imagined that it would be. I need not have feared as this is absolutely stunning. The quality is just wonderful.I am a very, very happy customer! Thank you.
With warmest regards and best wishes,

Joanne du Plessis
Nov 05, 2015

To: MaiTai,

Love the bag inserts and this is my 4th or 5th orders to her. A very responsive lady with her emails. Thumbs up!

All the best to your business, keep going!

Best Regards,

Nov 03, 2015

Liebe MaiTai,

meine Ueberraschung war riesig als ich heute von der Arbeit kam und auf dem Kuechentisch ein kleines Paeckchen lag (wenn der Mann im Haus krank ist, hat es auch Vorteile), denn mit der Schneckenpost habe ich nicht vor Freitag damit gerechnet.

Ich kann meine Begeisterung gar nicht in Worte fassen. Ich habe zwar im Netz nach Deinen Produkten gegoogelt, aber meine Erwartungen sind mehr als uebertroffen. Die Verpackung habe ich gleich mal fuer meine Kollegin fotografiert, ich habe ihr schon deinen Blog und den Shop gezeigt.

Vielen Dank auch fuer die Arbeit die Du mit dem Blog und Shop machst, das ist mit Sicherheit sehr aufwending. Falls Du gar nicht alleine bewältigen kannst, dann Dankeschoen auch an Deine Helfer.

Ich hoffe, es werden auch neue Produkte geben und freu mich schon auf neue Post und Bilder von Dir.

Ganz liebe Gruesse in die Provenc,


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