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Discover why our MaiTai bag insert is the ultimate choice for ensuring the perfect fit and utmost protection for your Hermes, Chanel, or Dior bags. With exquisite craftsmanship and a wide range of designer fabrics, our inserts not only enhance your bag's style but also offer efficient organization. Elevate your luxury bag experience and keep your cherished collection in pristine condition with our exceptional bag inserts.

Perfect Fit


The small but important differences of each bag are carefully taken into account. For example an insert made for a Kelly 28 bag isn't just a smaller version of one for a Kelly 35 bag: both bags have different proportions which are reflected in the respective inserts. After all, an item is only truly custom made when even the smallest nuances are taken carefully into account.

The bag inserts follow exactly each bag's size, shape and proportion and therefore fit perfectly like a glove. They leave no gaps between the insert and your bag, which results in the best fit and no wasted space.


Designed to protect your precious HERMES bag

Every aspect of the design is thought out with the protection of your bag in mind. The corners and edges are soft, and the seams are inward facing so that nothing risks marking or pressing against the leather of your precious bag. For the same reason all pockets face inwards, so that your bag is well protected from the things stored inside. Our bag inserts offer perfect protection to your bag's delicate interior leather, making sure it remains pristine and free of scratches.


BAG insert to keep shape

Our luxury bag inserts contain no harsh plastic or cardboard sheeting which could force the leather against its natural movement or make your bag look boxy – we firmly believe that inserts should not be used as a 'shaper' to force slouchy bags upright, and that rigid inserts risk causing irreparable damage to your bag.

Instead, lightweight upholstery material gives the inserts their shape and helps your bags to maintain theirs, but without ever working against the leather or structure of your bag.

When used with bags which have not yet developed a slouch however, our inserts gently help to maintain the bag’s shape. The best way to prevent a bag from slouching or collapsing is to maintain and store it correctly.

Our bag inserts are an essential element to keep your Hermes collection in pristine condition.



Enjoy the convenience of immediate shipping at a reasonable price with our custom bag inserts. Unlike costly "made to order" services, our bag inserts are meticulously designed to perfectly fit each bag model, offering the best fit, custom colors, and premium fabrics without any delay. Our efficient process is made possible because we maintain a small stock for every bag type and size. Scroll down to read more about all available sizes.

Made in France


MaiTai bag inserts are Made in France by skilled and specialized craftsmen in the fine tradition of French savoir faire, with embroidered superior quality Italien linen or exquisite fabrics sourced from some of Europe's most renowned fabric houses.



Each of our bag inserts is thoughtfully designed with a focus on lightweight construction. Some fabrics, like the Tana Lawn™ printed cotton by Liberty of London, are exceptionally lightweight, ensuring ease of use and portability. To find the weight information for each insert, simply look below the size selection menu.

The weight of the bag inserts depends on the fabric and bag style/size chosen and ranges from 68 g (2.4 oz) for the smallest insert in the lightest fabric, to 225 g (7.97 oz) for the largest organizer in the Jean-Paul Gaultier Skin fabric.

Bag Organizer


Experience the joy of a well-organized bag and make the most of your bag's space with our exceptional bag inserts. Our inserts feature various sized pockets, perfect for storing any item you can think of. From smartphones to cosmetics and everything in between, our multiple pockets cater to small and medium-sized essentials, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible.

The main compartment of our bag insert is designed to accommodate larger items while providing essential protection to your bag's interior. With our thoughtfully designed bag inserts, you can enjoy a clutter-free and well-organized bag, making your daily adventures a breeze.



Enhance your bag's style with our designer bag inserts featuring a vast selection of fabrics. Discover the largest collection of designer fabrics available, allowing you to perfectly combine and customize your bag to suit your unique taste. You can choose fabrics that either harmonize or provide a striking contrast the color of your bag to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind accessory that reflects your personal style and individuality.

Our bag inserts offer the perfect opportunity to personalize your Dior custom tote or any other designer bag further.


To ensure swift shipping, we maintain a small inventory for each of our bag inserts. If your desired fabric is currently unavailable for your specific bag size, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the form below, and we'll notify you as soon as it becomes available. Our focus is solely on producing bag inserts for the following Hermes, Chanel, and Dior bags.


Available in the following sizes

Refer to the list below for a comprehensive list of bag inserts made by MaiTai Collection for each Bag made by Hermes, Chanel or Dior: