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Jul 21, 2016

Received and love it [Birkin 35 insert]!!! Thank you! Please consider offering a navy blue option in the future!!! XOXO

Jul 04, 2016

Liebe MaiTai,

dank der schnellen Versandart, die Sie meinem Pyjama ermöglicht haben, ist er heute schon bei mir angekomen! Vielen Dank dafür!!!
Er passt perfekt und ist exakt so, wie ich ihn mir vorgestellt habe!
Es könnte nur schwierig für mich werden, meiner Umwelt zu vermitteln, dass ich ab sofort keine “Strassenkleidung” mehr anziehen kann ;-))

Ich bewundere Sie sehr für Ihre Kreativität und Ihren Geschmack!

Liebe Grüße

Jul 03, 2016

Dearest MaiTai,

I received your beautiful insert for my first vintage evercalf Kelly 28 and it is so very perfect in every way! The best feature is its lightness, sculpted form and very elegant stitching.

MaiTai, your products are so impeccably designed and presented. Your creative genius is bar none!

All my best and hugs to you,

Jun 29, 2016

29th June
Thank you maitai my small pouchette and my medium light beige scarf ring arrived today. I am thrilled with them such good quality and beautifully packaged. Hope to get some more soon.

Shan cotterell
Jun 27, 2016

Dear Maitai,

I received your lovely bag inserts today.
Both my mom and I are very happy to receive them. Nous sommes très contents!!! :)

Merci beaucoup!!!

Bonne journée!

Jun 13, 2016

Liebe MaiTai,

auch diesmal ein Hoch auf die französische und deutsche Post. Am Freitag war mein Paket da – schon sehnsüchtig erwartet :-).

Ich bin sehr glücklich über den scarf travel book. Ich habe eine Weile überlegt ob ich es “brauche” (als ob das immer ein Kriterium wäre?) und jetzt wo ich es habe, freu mich nur einfach. Ich finde es ganz toll auch mit den kleinen Taschen für die Ringe hinten.

Ich bin gespannt, welche neue Produkte demnächst noch kommen und sende ganz liebe Grüße in die Provence,


Jun 10, 2016

Dear MaiTai,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I am extremely happy with my shawl ring, our fast communication and perfect transaction. I have received my shawl ring one hour before I left for the airport to return home. I was very happy to be so lucky. Thank you very much for all your efforts and the fast delivery. The shawl ring is beautiful and reminds me of my grandmother’s old combs. It goes very well with many of my scarves and shawls.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Jun 08, 2016

Hi MT! Received the first 2 inserts and I couldnt be happier! Can’t believe i waited all this time to try them. Love how they’re so well made and provide the right amount of structure. The Pico MM also fits my TB20 perfectly with the wings open — so i get to use it for 2 bags :)

Happy my search for the perfect insert is over!

Many thanks!

Cristina :)
Jun 04, 2016

Dear MaiTai…my lovely parcel arrived and as before everything is beautiful……the scarf rings ….and the 90 carre Travel Pochette (taupe) is gorgeous! The photo can’t do the linen justice-I was so pleased. As always, I enjoy the blog/posts, and it made a very special day to be receiving a parcel from France! :) Thank you for everything, Cathy Wong, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cathy Wonf
Jun 02, 2016

I am using my Garden Party equipped with your wonderful insert over this weekend. The insert keeps my belongings so well-organized and the bag itself looks very well structured with the insert’s support. I do appreciate all efforts you put in making such beautiful and practical item. It is so well-made!


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