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Jun 10, 2016

Dear MaiTai,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I am extremely happy with my shawl ring, our fast communication and perfect transaction. I have received my shawl ring one hour before I left for the airport to return home. I was very happy to be so lucky. Thank you very much for all your efforts and the fast delivery. The shawl ring is beautiful and reminds me of my grandmother’s old combs. It goes very well with many of my scarves and shawls.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Jun 08, 2016

Hi MT! Received the first 2 inserts and I couldnt be happier! Can’t believe i waited all this time to try them. Love how they’re so well made and provide the right amount of structure. The Pico MM also fits my TB20 perfectly with the wings open — so i get to use it for 2 bags :)

Happy my search for the perfect insert is over!

Many thanks!

Cristina :)
Jun 04, 2016

Dear MaiTai…my lovely parcel arrived and as before everything is beautiful……the scarf rings ….and the 90 carre Travel Pochette (taupe) is gorgeous! The photo can’t do the linen justice-I was so pleased. As always, I enjoy the blog/posts, and it made a very special day to be receiving a parcel from France! :) Thank you for everything, Cathy Wong, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cathy Wonf
Jun 02, 2016

I am using my Garden Party equipped with your wonderful insert over this weekend. The insert keeps my belongings so well-organized and the bag itself looks very well structured with the insert’s support. I do appreciate all efforts you put in making such beautiful and practical item. It is so well-made!

May 18, 2016

The Turquenite necklace arrived today, and it’s stunning. Truly sensational. What a beautiful design, and such exquisite workmanship. Compliments also on your fine packaging — it’s both beautiful and very effectively done. One doesn’t see that very often, and I really value it.

May 08, 2016

Thank you, MaiTai! I just received my order. I was really surprised how quick shipping was from MaiTai to “myHome” (he he!) in Virginia. The insert for my K28 is light as air. I’m so thrilled to have a pocket that fits my lip balm perfectly. No more digging around the bottom of my bag for me!!

I’m also looking forward to wearing the beautiful black infinity anneau scarf ring.

Thank you so much for all the thoughtfulness you’ve put into the design and execution of your products. I look forward to enjoying them for many years to come.


May 07, 2016

Dear Mai Tai..My lavender sachets arrived and they are a unique level of excellence..Just beautiful! I am so enjoying your blog especially your styling ideas..My husband and I lived in France for a year..part of it in Aix en Provence and the sachets bring it all back…Thank you so much for what you are doing..

Joan Grier
May 02, 2016

Dear Ms. MaiTai,

Greetings from Tokyo!
I wanted to let you know that your package has arrived safely few days ago. Thank you for the prompt shipping.
All the products are wonderful!!
I love the colors, materials and everything. Very high quality with affordable prices!
I will use them with great joy!
I was also impressed by how neatly and beautifully each product was packed.
(was excited to open the boxes one by one:)
Thank you once again!
With warmest regards,

Apr 28, 2016

I just received my shawl pouchette in gris for my first Hermes cashmere and silk shawl. I am thrilled with both. I knew the pouchette was going to be nice, but it exceeded my expectations. I also order bag inserts for a couple of bags. Can’t wait to receive them. Thank you so much!

Apr 23, 2016

Thank you, the order arrived yesterday, and I’m very happy with both items.


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