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Aug 18, 2019

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Aug 12, 2019

I just received the shipment. The bag inserts are beautifully made and the packing was done so carefully.

Tks again for creating and sharing these beautiful items. A sprinkle of beauty cheers up my days.

Jul 28, 2019

Wonder if any insert fit for Constance 24?


Jul 24, 2019

Dear MaiTai

Thank you for my beautiful scarf ring, which arrived in its gorgeous presentation box.

I have had lots of fun practising different knots and I’m very happy to say that I wore one of my scarves knotted with my new ring to the theatre earlier this week. My intention in purchasing a ring was to wear my scarves more frequently and I’m very pleased that this is starting to happen.

Your assistance with selection of the ring was most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jun 19, 2019

Dear MaiTai,
Have received my order for the Shawl Ring in Black Horn this morning for which I thank you. It is of beautiful quality and I am so pleased to have it.
Thank you,

Teresa Ahmet
May 21, 2019

Good afternoon,

I just received all the items.
Everything is marvelous.
Congratulations! The scarf ring is perfect.
The necklaces are stunning. Love the pouches and the little box.

Thank you,

May 02, 2019

You have great ideas and do a great job of explaining them. Thank you so much.

Apr 23, 2019

I just received my straw purse and I love it!!!!!! I get so many compliments on the purse. As always the quality is impeccable! Thank you!


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