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Feb 29, 2020

Good morning, i have your beautiful collection. I carry my beautiful scarfs and wraps in them . Whenever I pull your beautiful bags out of my bag to pull out my beautiful scarfs someone always comment on her beautiful your embroidered envelope is! Can I ask you. I love having my beautiful bags with your inserts looking just right. Have you ever considered making a waterproof envelope or zipper bag. I carry hand wipes with me all the times like so many women do. Here in the us it’s very common for us ladies to carry them. I end up buying an inexpensive zipper case so that I can carry them with me. I hate to have the alcohol leak from the wipes and ruin my designer bags. How about waterproof make up bag. Vera Bradley makes them and you can throw them in the wash. Just an idea. I’ve give your website out to a few people. I was at Hermes and i pulled my insert out to try in another bag and even the sales associate commented on her beautiful it was. Thanks again!

Mena Mandara
Sep 25, 2019

Hello Mai Tai Collection,

Thank you for sending me beautiful products of yours.
The items have just arrived!
They are really gorgeous.
I’m so happy to have them and love to use them from now on.
I really appreciate your prompt despatch and careful rapping.
It reached me in very good condition.

Thank you again for your wonderful consideration.


Sep 07, 2019

Dear MaiTai,
I am so impressed by your products and your site. You have perceived and met a need for quality products that truly complement luxury items in the most refined and elegant manner. I have just received the black and brass “ornament” necklace set, and am so happy with the quality and beauty of it. I will purchase more items in future.

Sep 01, 2019

Hi Maitai… I’ve got the bag insert already. Am so happy it’s fit my lindy so well. And love the whole things (material, shape, and the art works)
Bleu de Chine is so pretty.
Thank you for creating this.

All the best for your creations


Aug 12, 2019

I just received the shipment. The bag inserts are beautifully made and the packing was done so carefully.

Tks again for creating and sharing these beautiful items. A sprinkle of beauty cheers up my days.

Jul 28, 2019

Wonder if any insert fit for Constance 24?


Jul 24, 2019

Dear MaiTai

Thank you for my beautiful scarf ring, which arrived in its gorgeous presentation box.

I have had lots of fun practising different knots and I’m very happy to say that I wore one of my scarves knotted with my new ring to the theatre earlier this week. My intention in purchasing a ring was to wear my scarves more frequently and I’m very pleased that this is starting to happen.

Your assistance with selection of the ring was most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jun 19, 2019

Dear MaiTai,
Have received my order for the Shawl Ring in Black Horn this morning for which I thank you. It is of beautiful quality and I am so pleased to have it.
Thank you,

Teresa Ahmet
May 21, 2019

Good afternoon,

I just received all the items.
Everything is marvelous.
Congratulations! The scarf ring is perfect.
The necklaces are stunning. Love the pouches and the little box.

Thank you,

May 02, 2019

You have great ideas and do a great job of explaining them. Thank you so much.


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