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Classique - Dark Mother of Pearl - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Dark Mother of Pearl - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Dark Mother of Pearl - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Dark Mother of Pearl

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    The beauty of the dark Mother of Pearl rings is almost impossible to capture in a still-life photo. The surfaces shimmer in grey, charcoal, dark brown or black hues, and have iridescent reflextions which can be silver, gold, ecru, beige or grey, or range from turquoise, green or lagoon to rose, blue or purple. The chameleon-like magic of the material is brought to life by the scarf it holds and the light and colors it reflects. The reverse side of the rings has a color range from light to dark silver, sometimes shimmering in iridescent colours from grey to green.The reverse side has more irregularities, but this is part of the Mother of Pearl's unique charm. Because of it's reversable nature and the changing colors, the Mother of Pearl rings are amazingly versatile. They adapt with ease and elegance to a wide variety of scarf designs and colorways.


    Like all scarf rings in my collection, the Mother of Pearl rings are carefully handcrafted and have completely smooth and round edges so that your scarf can slide through safely and fluidly. However, due to the hard-to-manipulate nature of MoP, the shape of these rings has various degrees of irregularity and asymmetry. The surface of the light silver reverse side is completely smooth but seldom flat, and the overall shape can be slightly bent or warped. As soon as a scarf is pulled through though, the Mother of Pearl rings are sheer magic.. the irregularities disappear, letting the Mother of Pearl reveal its special beauty.  However I'm sure not everyone will appreciate the surprises the Mother of Pearl rings come with, so if you are looking for a more uniform medium, the horn, bone or lacquered rings would be a better option. Please also note that Mother of Pearl rings might chip or break if dropped from a height onto a hard surface.