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Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
 - 1
Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Black horn
Classique - Black horn - MaiTai Collection
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Classique - Black horn

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    The appearance of the black horn scarf rings is jet black. A source of direct light can reveal some of the natural, underlying marble effects or streaks (charcoal, dark honey, olive or grey). Please see the pictures on the left for examples of possible variations.


    The Classique horn scarf rings are made by hand, and crafted to absolute perfection. The surfaces are polished and even and come with a beautiful sheen. The corners and edges are carefully rounded and completely smooth, ensuring that your scarf glides safely and with fluidity through the ring.

    Please note that these are hand-made pieces from natural materials. Each ring differs slightly from the next in color, contrast, shading and shape and has its own characteristics and variations. These  irregularities are not a fault but part of the beauty and charm of unique handcrafted items.