Scarf ring options with 70 carrés

The most versatile scarf rings for 70 carrés (70 x 70 cm) is the MOYENNE Classique scarf ring. It lets you tie your scarf in a huge variety of knots, bows and drapes, ranging from sleek and simple slides to eloborate bows and cascades.
(Discover more knots and ways to tie by clickling on the images below!)

With quick and simple knotting techniques, the Anneau Infinity scarf ring lets you create a playful bow, or sleek and chic knots and ties.
With a GRANDE Classique you can create most of the knots the MOYENNE Classique allows you to do, but with softer results.
With a Shawl ring you can wear 70 carrés in rectangular fold, and tie the ends in a variety of knots.
The PETITE Classique scarf rings can also be used with 70 Carrés. The resulting knots and ties are beautiful, but limited in number.
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