About the organizer/insert collection

The MaiTai Collection inserts/organizers are tailor made to fit specific Hermès bag styles and sizes, following their lines, structure and dimensions.

The inserts let you organize the content of your bag and help to keep it in shape, while protecting the interior and keeping the leather lining pristine.

Made in France by skilled and specialized craftsmen in the fine tradition of French savoir faire, from exquisitely embroidered superior quality French linen.


The inserts follow exactly each bag's size, shape and proportion and therefore fit like a glove. They leave no gaps between the insert and your bag, so they offer perfect protection to your bag's delicate interior leather, making sure it remains pristine and free of scratches.


The inserts gently help your bag to maintain its shape

The insert contains no harsh plastic or cardboard sheeting which could force the leather against its natural movement or make your bag look boxy (I still firmly believe that inserts should not be used as a 'shaper' to force slouchy bags upright, and that rigid inserts risk causing irreparable damage to your bag).

Instead, lightweight upholstery material gives the inserts their shape and helps your bags to maintain theirs, but without ever working against the leather or structure of your bag.

When used with bags which have not yet developed a slouch however, my inserts gently help to maintain the bag’s shape. The best way to prevent a bag from slouching or collapsing is to maintain and store it correctly.


Every aspect of the design is thought out with the protection of your bag in mind. The corners and edges are soft, and the seams are inward facing so that nothing risks marking or pressing against the leather of your precious bag.

For the same reason all pockets face inwards, so that your bag is well protected  from the things stored inside.

The perfect fit for your bag

The small but important differences of each bag are carefully taken into account.. for example the Kelly 28 insert isn't just a smaller version of the Kelly 35 organizer, both bags have different proportions which are reflected in the respective inserts. After all, an item is only truly custom made if its smallest nuances are taken carefully into account.

Pocket configuration

The pockets give quick access to small items such as a cell phone, keys, glasses etc. At least one pocket in each insert is wide enough to accommodate an iPhone 6 plus or similar device (except for the smallest inserts, K28 and smaller, B25, Bolide 27 and Picotin 18). The number of pockets varies from style to style. Please check the individual product descriptions for more details.


The inserts are featherlight. Their weight ranges from 68 g (2.4 oz) for the smallest, to 225 g (7.97 oz) for the largest organizer.


Dry clean only.

Made in France