MaiTai Collection bag inserts - previous style

Beautiful and functional, the inserts/organizers are custom made to fit specific Hermès bags, following their lines, structure and dimensions. 

Made in France, from exquisitely embroidered, superior quality French linen.

The insert's purpose

The inserts let you organize the content of your bag while protecting the interior and keeping the leather lining pristine.



To protect your bag, all inserts are sewn inside out, which results in inward facing corners and seams with soft rounded edges.. there are no pressure points which could mark the leather of your bag.

For the same reason, all pockets face inwards, which means your bag is well protected  from the things stored inside.

The inserts DO NOT double as a 'shaper'

I believe that any insert rigid enough to force a slouchy or collapsed bag into an upright position inevitably risks permanently marking the leather (inside and out) in all the places where stiff edges work and press against the bag. My inserts are purposefully soft, and contain no rigid plastic or cardboard sheeting. Instead, high quality lightweight upholstery material gives the inserts their shape, yet allows them to follow the natural progression and movement of the bag's leather. When used with bags which have not yet developed a slouch however, my inserts have proven to be a gentle help in maintaining the bag’s shape.

Pocket configuration

The pockets have exquisitely embroidered details and give quick access to small items such as keys, glasses, a pen or cell phone (at least one of the pockets is wide enough to accommodate an iPhone 6 plus or similar device, except of the Picotin 18/PM insert). The number of pockets varies from insert to insert. You can check the individual product descriptions for more details.

Please note that the inserts is soft, and that pockets will fall inwards if heavy items are placed into them in an otherwise empty bag. This is easily avoided by placing the heaviest items into the center of the bag and using the pockets for lighter things such as car keys, glasses, pens, small perfume bottles, etc. Heavier items can be placed into the pockets when the bag is filled.

Made in France - Dry clean only