Looped cross slide

Starting point for Maxi Twillys (as shown below): fold your scarf lenghtwise in half
inStarting point for square scarves: Basic bias fold


Slide an Anneau Inifinity scarf ring into the center

Wrap the scarf once around your neck

Slide one of the ends through the scarf ring

Repeat with the other side

The advantage is that your scarf will still firmly in place, and won't be 'riding up' towards the neck

You can vary the look and length by wearing the scarf closer of further away from your neck.. you decide on this in the first step, by wrapping the scarf tighter or looser around your neck lin the first step.

With a 'close to the neck' starting point:

With a low starting point:

Variation: Create a bow by sliding both ends again through the scarf ring, but without pulling them all the way through.

Variation: Maxi Twilly half bow knot - as above, but with one bow pulled out

Looped cross slide with a Plissé: