How to - Gavroche Flower knot

The Flower knot is ideal for small square scarves, but also a great for warmer weather.. the main bulk of the scarf forms the silk flower, and therefore barely touches the skin.

Place your scarf on a flat surface, facing down

Take two opposite ends as indicated,

and tie them together in a small double knot.

Take one of the remaining ends, and feed under the knot you have just created

Take the other end,

and do the same.

Pull both ends apart,


but not too tight

Turn the scarf around, so that it is facing up.

Puff out the folds of the 'flower' and place the scarf around your neck. Secure the ends behind your neck with a double knot, or with a petite size scarf ring.



You could also tie the flower around a pony tail, and I am sure there are more fun ways to use it. It is one of the rare knots which brings out the centre of a scarf,

Ex-Libris Gavroche

just make sure to puff out the right folds