How to - 90 carré halter top

Place your scarf (a 90 Carré) face down on a flat surface and pinch some silk in the place where indicated:

Make a simple knot (or use a scarf ring, as illustrated further down):

Make the knot as small and tight and possible:

Now place your scarf in front of your body, the knot facing inwards. Take the upper ends (indicated by pink arrows) and secure them behind your neck with a small double knot.

Take the lower ends and tie them behind your back with a small double knot.


Instead of making a knot in step one, you could also use a scarf ring (petite size) to gather the silk:

Pinch some fabric..

and feed through one end of the ring

pull to gather more fabric

then feed through the other end and tighten

A tight and secure fit is important, if the outcome is loose, go back to step three and pull more fabric through