Fur collar product info and how it works


1. Five-loop method:

Place your fur collar on a flat surface, backside facing up. Fold your scarf in the basic bias, and slide it through the five loops on your fur collar's silk lined backside:
The loops keep your scarf securely in place, and prevent it from slipping or sliding.
Turn your collar back to front, and place it around your neck. From here, you have many possibilities on how to proceed. You can wear the scarf ends long and secure the fur collar with the attached fur hooks, or tie your scarf in a variety of knots: an Ascot (as shown below), a double, criss-cross or criss-cross bow knot, or a vertical basic slide etc.. The possibilities are endless!

1. Two loop method - perfect for smaller scarf formats (70 x 70 cm, 45 x 45 cm, Twillys)

Place your fur collar around your neck. Fold your scarf in the basic bias, and slide it through your fur collar's first loop either side:

Bring the both ends of the fur collar together (don't just pull the scarf down, it puts unecessary strain onto the loops)

From here you can proceed with a variety of knots (Double, Ascot, Basic slide etc)


The fur is sourced from certified European Saga Fur ® breeders, ensuring that each collar is made from the highest quality fur which has been subjected to strict quality control. Each pelt comes with a dense undercoat around the flanks, and lighter fur around the neck and back. The collars therefor all differ from one another. Some are thick and plush,others light and fluffy (see pictures below). In terms of quality, there is no difference between the two. In case you have a preferences, please specify them in the 'Special instruction' box on your check-out page.

left: light and fluffy, right: dense and plush


To maintain the beauty of your fur, please keep the following points in mind: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or direct heat sources. Do not store them in plastic boxes or bags or with traditional moth balls. Instead, protect your fur against moths with organic moth protection products. If your collar becomes damp in rain or snow, hang it up to dry and wipe away any excess moisture with a soft cloth. Do not let your fur soak in moisture. If your fur needs cleaning, please make sure to take it to a fur specialist (not to a regular dry cleaner)