Classique lacquered - Rouge Noir - MaiTai Collection
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Classique lacquered - Rouge Noir - MaiTai Collection
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Classique lacquered - Rouge Noir - MaiTai Collection
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Classique lacquered - Rouge Noir

  • Material: Lacquered horn
  • Color: Rouge Noir
  • Sizes: Petite, Moyenne and Grande

To find the perfect size for your scarves, please check my size guides: size guide by scarf format or size guide by scarf ring

Lacquer Collection

The base of the lacquered Classique ring is made of horn and hand-crafted to absolute perfection with completely smooth edges and surfaces. The corners and edges are carefully rounded and completely smooth, ensuring that your scarf glides safely and with fluidity through the ring. Several layers of lacquer are then applied by a skilled artisan until a deeply saturated color with a flawless gloss and finish is achieved.

Lacquered items have an extremely smooth, hard and durable surface. To ensure that your lacquered scarf and shawl rings keep their perfect shine, and to protect them from surface scratches or adverse effects by impact, please store them in the velvet pouch they come with. Also note that lacquer might chip if dropped from a height onto a hard surface.

Because they are hand-made, each ring has its own characteristics and variations and differs slightly from the next in size and shape, which is part of its beauty and charm.  SaveSave