Mocha/crystal - MaiTai Collection
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Mocha/crystal - MaiTai Collection
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Mocha/crystal - MaiTai Collection
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Mocha/crystal - MaiTai Collection
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Mocha/crystal - MaiTai Collection
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Chandelier earrings in mocha/crystal


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Hand-made earrings and matching bracelet to add an instant glamorous touch to a casual daytime outfit or turn a simple wardrobe piece into a sparkling evening look. 

The multifaceted surfaces of the crystal beads and pearls catch and reflect light with easy elegance, while the wire structure ensures that the earrings remain feather-light, making them perfect even for those with sensitive earlobes (and you can dance the night away and hardly feel them!)

The earrings are clip-ons.

The earrings are approx 9.5 cm (3.74") long and weigh 16 g (0.64 oz) per earring. The actual length and weight can vary by +/- 0.5 cm and +/-1 gram due to the item's hand-made nature.

The bracelet is an open cuff which can be bent to accommodate a smaller or larger wrist. Fits wrists from 15 cm to 17 cm circumference ( 5.91" to 6.7"). It weighs 50 g (1.76 oz), and the actual weight can vary by +/- 5 g due to the item being hand-made. The bracelet's cluster part is 3 cm (1.18") wide. Please make sure to bent the cuff's tips only (i.e. don't apply pressure to the middlepart/joint, see bottom picture left).

Made by hand from facetted crystal beads and stainless steel twisted wire. Nickel free.