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Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Raspberry Pink
Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Raspberry Pink
Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Raspberry Pink
Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Raspberry Pink

Zero-Gravity scarf ring in Raspberry Pink


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Finally, a scarf ring that defies gravity and lets you wear your silks off-center, without the scarf ever falling back into a central, vertical position.

You simply attach the pin, just like a brooch, to your clothing only. Your scarf is not pierced. The Zero-Gravity scarf ring is completely safe to use when you follow these instructions:

While you thread your scarf through the ring, make sure to always cover the pin's protective cap with a finger.

Keep the protective cap on the pin at all times until the scarf is in place and ready to be attaches to your clothing:

Please use general common sense when using the pin. Don't pierce it through fragile, delicate fabrics (silk blouses, lace, etc.) and don't try to force the pin through thick and dense fabrics/ lapels that offer resistance, you risk bending/deforming the pin. Ideal clothing choices are sweaters and t-shirts, light blazers, cotton shirts or dresses, light coats, or vests.



    • Colors: Black, cream, and orange (gold rims) and black, ivory, and orange (silver rims)
    • Material: hand-polished, semi-glossy resin and galvanized stainless steel with a brooch pin at the backside

The Zero-Gravity scarf ring is perfect for the following knots:

  • Asymmetrical Wrap
  • Basic Slide
  • Criss-Cross knot
  • Criss-Cross Bow knot
  • Obi knot
  • Pleated Criss-Cross knot
  • Jabot knot
  • Twist Wrap
  • Vertical Basic Slide
  • Waterfall knot

    The surfaces are smoothly polished, and the corners and edges are carefully rounded and completely even, ensuring that your scarf glides safely and fluidly through the ring. Make sure not to let your scarf come into contact with the pin or the pin's cap. To protect your scarf ring against surface scratches, please store it in its velvet pouch when traveling or at home.

    To find the perfect size for your scarves, please check my size guides: size guide by scarf format or size guide by scarf ring.


    The Classique scarf rings come in a protective velvet pouch and ribboned gift box.