MaiTai Collection in action

Collage #23

In a way, today's post is like a part two of the blog anniversary post from last month, since the Collection was born in the same year as the blog. What better way to celebrate the 10th year of the Collection than with a new collage!


The Collection is a dream come true for me. At heart it consists of items I always wished would exist, basically to enhance the pleasure we have from the wonderful things that come in orange boxes! As a scarf lover I longed for scarf rings in different sizes so that they would work with all scarf formats. I found it painful to have to store my scarves in plastic bags when traveling, and thought how wonderful a range of perfectly sized travel and storage pouches would be. Watching the interior of my beloved Hermes bags showing marks and scratches over time, made me think about a beautiful organizer that would protect my bags and more (the bag inserts line holds a special place in my heart, I've been wanting one from the day I owned my first Hermes bag). I am so grateful that through my blog there has been a chance to develop these lines, and to add other accessories too. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the support from all of you, my dear customers, friends and readers, thank you all so very much.


A very special thank you goes to the fabulous ladies who contributed to this collage. It makes me tremendously happy and proud to see the Collection's items worn beautifully and with style all over the world, and I love everyone's ideas and inspirational looks. Mille merci, dear Anna, Cathy, Cecilia, Célia Jaunat, Csilla, Desert Mermaid, Faux Fuchsia, hanton, Izumi, Jana, Jennifer, Julia, Katja, La Contessa,, Malgosia, Manuela, Marla in the OC, Sarah, Terese and Très Chics Boston.



Today's contributions are from:

Arizona, Australia, Austria, California, Canada, Denmark, France, Florida, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Carolina, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Sweden. Below (in alphabetical order) the links of everyone with social media pages:




Célia Jaunat:


Faux Fuchsia:



Julia: https:


La Contessa:



Marla in the OC:


Très Chics Boston:



Anna with a Jardin à Sintra 90 carré, tied in a criss-cross knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in dark Mother of Pearl (available here)



Still-life by Cecilia - Collector's Edition Birkin insert: Jean-Paul Gaultier in Skin Gold (available here)



Sohfi the giraffe with a reversible Grande Classique scarf ring in black/ivory/gold (collage by Jana), available here.



Still-life by Kelly 28 with a Collector's Edition insert: Bagatelle Corail by Manuel Canovaz (available here)



Marla in the OC with a 'Le Jardin de la Maharani' 90 carré tied with a dark Mother of Pearl Grande Classique scarf ring (available here) in a snowball knot



Desert Mermaid with a Crytal Waterfall necklace in duck blue (available here) and a Parures des Samourais 90 carré in an Asymmetrical Wrap.



Still-life by Célia Jaunat with Collector's Editions Bagatelle Birkin 30 inserts in chartreuse and corail, available here



Julia with a Brides de Gala en Finesse 90 carre tied with a shawl ring in black horn (available here) into a rectangular fold



Still-life by Katja: reversible Grande Classique scarf ring in Bleu Canard/Navy/Gold (available here) and Provençal Orange Blossom soap with (clock-wise from top left): Jardin à Sintra, Chasse en Inde and Appaloosa des Steppes)



Still-life by Cecilia - detail of a Birkin 30 Collector's Edition insert: Jean-Paul Gaultier in Skin Bengale (available here)



Très Chics Boston with a Flowers of South Africa 90 carré tied into a rectangular pleated knot with a shawl ring in black horn (available here)



Still-life by Terese with Provençal Orange blossom soap



Malgosia with a square silk scarf tied into a vertical basic slide with a Grande Classique scarf ring in rosewood (available here)



Still-life by Sarah: Appaloosa des Steppes 90 carré with a Reversible Moyenne Classicque scarf ring in Orange/Taupe/Gold (available here)



Still-life by hanton - Mini Evelyne with a Mink Pom bag charm in blush (available here)



Desert Mermaid with a Mini Caba summer bag (navy/stripe, available here) and Tour de Clès 90 carré, tied with a lacquered shawl ring in Vermeil (similar here) into a rectangular pleated fold.



Coolage by Cathy W: Reversible Petite Classique scarf ring in pale pink/gris with a Collier du Chien Twilly in a vertical basic bias slide (available here)



Terese with a Pearl Collar necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)



Still-life by Izumi (clock-wise form top left): La Danse du Cheval Marvari, Chaque Rencontre Est Unique, Jardin à Sintra, Carré en Carrés, Neige d'Antan with reversible Classique scarf rings in Pale Pink/Silver and Bleu Canard/Navy/Silver. The reversible scarf rings are available here



Still-life by Cecilia with a  Double Sens bag and Birkin 30 Collector's Edition insert in Bagatelle corail (available here)



Desert Mermaid with a 'Per Astra Ad Astra' 70 carré tied into a Collier knot with two Petite Classique scarf rings (available here)



Csilla with a Parures des Samourais 90 carré, worn as belt in the basic slide with a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (available here)



hanton with a Cannes et Pommeaux 70 carré tied in a basic slide with a Moyenne Classique laquered scarf ring (similar here)



Still-life by Sarah: reversible Classique scarf ring in Orange/Taupe/Gold (available here) with a Kilim scarf



Faux Fuchsia with a 'Ecuries' 70 carré tied into a snowball knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in honey horn (available here)



Manuela with a 90 carré tied in a vertical basic slide with a shawl ring in sunshine honey (available here)



La Contessa with a Pearl statement necklace in copper/bronze (available here)



Cecilia with a Crystal Collar necklace in champagne (available here)



Manuela with a Tassel necklace in mocca/or (available here)



Still-life collage by Izumi:


Scarves (clock-wise from top left): Ex-Libris en Kimono, Parures des Maharajas, Au Coeur de la Vie and Nouvelle Angleterre  and similar


Scarf rings:

Lacquered Grande Classique in Bleu Marine

Reversible Moyenne Classique in Bleu Canard/Bleu Marine here

Reversible Grande Classique in Bleu Canard/Bleu Marine here

Lacquered Grande Classique in Bleu Canard (similar here)



Jennifer with a Springs 90 carré tied into a Cascade knot with an Anneau Inifinity scarf ring in black horn (available here)



You can find tutorials for all featured knots here


If you'd like to participate in future collages, please email your picture(s) to:  Please include which name/ID/nickname you'd like to be credited with, as well as your website/Instagram/social media URL in case you'd like me to link to your page. Looking forward to hopefully many contributions!