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MaiTai Collection in action

Collage #20

It always is with great joy that I post a new collage.. it is really a wonderful treat to see items of the collection styled with such aplomb and creativity by fabulous women from around the world, and the still-life pictures always provide fresh ideas for new color and texture combinations.

Thank you so much for participating, dearest Barbara A, Cecilia, Desert Mermaid, Faux Fuchsia, Happyface313, Hrvoja, Jerrine, Joanie, Jonathan, La Contessa, Lauren, Macs, Manuela, Marla in the OC, Megan, Naomi, Random_Photo_Diary, Rumiko, Tanja and Trudye - you and your pictures are beautiful and inspirational!

Links in alphabetical order to everyone who has their own blog or IG site:
Trudye: www.instagram.com/justmetbg


Todays contributions are from: Arizona, Australia, Austria, California, Colorado, Croatia, Denmark, DC, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Maryland, Japan, Philadelphia, Singapore, Texas and United Kingdom.


Marla in the OC with a De La Mer Au Ciel 90 carré tied as a belt (basic bias fold + basic slide) with a Grande Classique scarf ring in dark Mother of Pearl (available here)

Still-life by happyface313 with a Picotin inVibrato and a Chasse en Inde 90 carré. Scarf rings: Lacquered Grande Classique and Shawl ring in purple and a Grande Classique in honey

Still-life by random_photo_diary - Scarf Collector's Book in gris (available here) and lacquered Classique scarf rings in Or (Grande and Moyenne, available here)

Hrvoja with a Double Anneau necklace in noir/argent (available here)

La Contessa with a Pearl statement necklace in bronze/copper (available here)

Happyface313 with a h.com 90 carré tied as a necklace with lacquered Grande Classique and Shawl ring in purple

Cecilia with a Crystal cluster necklace in cinnamon rose (available here)

Jonathan with a La Ronde des Heures 90 carre tied in a criss-cross knot with a lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in ivoire (available here)

Still-life by Tanja with a Vintage 90 carré and a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Vieux Rose (similar here)

Tanja with a Maître de la Forret 90 carré in a reverse basic bias fold, tied with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Vieux Rose (similar here)

Still-life by Rumiko with Classique scarf rings: Petite in Mother of Pearl and Moyenne in rosewood (available here)


Faux Fuchsia with a Parures Oceanes 90 scarf, tied with a lacquered Shawl ring in Vieux Rose (similar here) in the basic slide

Still-life by Cecilia - Kelly 28 in black box with MaiTai Collection Mink charms (Duos) in various colors (available here)


Manuela with a Waterfall necklace in black (available here)


Cecilia with a Crystal flower necklace (available here)

Joanie with a Parures des Samouraïs 90 carre in the basic bias fold and a MaiTai Collection long gemstone necklace in Gris/Prehnite/Garnet (available here)

Barbara with a Gavroche/Pocket Sqaure tied into the basic slide with a Moyenne Classique scarf ring in black horn (available here)


Still-life by Lauren - Panthera Pardus 90 carré, with a lacquered Anneau Infinity in Light Taupe (similar here), a Grande Classique scarf ring in Mother of Pearl (available here) and ribboned scarf ring boxes

Still-life by Jerrine - Bleu Nuit/Gris Muette SO Birkin with a Ludovicus Magnus 90 carré and MaiTai Collection Mink Poms Duo in sapphire/dark grey (available here) https://maitaicollection.com/collections/bag-charms

Collage by Barbara - variations with a fox fur collar in midnight blue (available here)

Desert Mermaid with a Mini Caba bag in navy/stripes (similar here)

Naomi with a Ors Bleus d'Afrique 90 carré in a cowboy knot and a long gemstone necklace in Gris/Citrine (similar here)

Cecilia with a Crystal cluster necklace in charcoal blue (available here)

Still-life by Trudye - Parures des Samouraïs 90 carré with a Tassel necklace in Mocca/Or (available here) and horn bracelets

Megan with a Parures des Samouraïs 90 scarf tied into a Waterfall knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring in rosewood (available here)

Macs with a Poneys de Polo 90 scarf tied in a criss-cross slide with a lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in orange (available here)


The tutorials for the featured scarf knots featured can be found here