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MaiTai Collection in action


Thank you so much again for participating and sharing your fabulous style, dearest Ann-Charlotte, Cecilia, Desert Mermaid, Eva, Fifi, Happy Face313, Jerrine, Johanna, Jonathan, Katja, Kaya7, Lanit, Lauren, lifemagazin, Macs in the City, Mademoiselle Orange, Marla in the OC, myh_myh_myh, Perla and Sharon_8000.

Blogs and social media pages of the participients:

Ann-Charlotte: www.instagram.com/anncharlottefleurdelys
Happyface313: www.happyface313.com

Still-life by Jerrine: L'Instruction du Roy' 90 carré with a Crystal Cluster necklace in Charcoal Blue

Still-life by Jonathan, featuring masculine scarf ring packaging (leave a request in the 'instructions to seller box' when placing your order)

Macs in the City: Gold Picotin 22 kept in shape with a MTC Picotin 22 bag insert

Still-life by Mademoiselle Orange, featuring Hermes accessories and a MTC shawl ring in translucent horn

Still life by Jerrine, featuring a Bolide in Rouge Casaque, a 'Reve de Coreil' 90 carré and a MaiTai Collection Howlite statement necklace in red

Marla in the OC wearing a statement Turquenite necklace

Still-life by Lauren: Ex-Libris en Kimono cashmere GM with a linen GM travel/storage pochette in rose

Ann-Charlotte with a 'Brides de Gala' Geant carré tied into a Wrapped Basic slide, ends secured with a MTC Shawl ring in black horn

Clockwise from left: Fifi with a 'La Marche du Zambeze' 90 carré tied in a wrapped Basic Slide (looped twice around the neck), ends secured with a Classique Petite scarf ring in Ebony. Still-life by Eva: Lindy 30 with a Birkin 30 bag insert. Kaya7 with a 'Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs' 90 carré in a Criss-Cross knot, tied with a Grande Classique lacquered scarf ring in Bleu Canard.

Still-life by Sharon_8000: Lindy 30 with a Birkin 30 bag insert 

Still-life by Jonathan, featuring an Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet, 'Fleurs et Papillons' 90 carré and a MTC Grande Classique scarf ring in horn.

Cecilia with a long gemstone necklace in Vieux Or (similar here)

Happyface with an Hermes 'Chasse en Inde' 90 carré and a MTC lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in Purple worn as a pendant

Johanna with a Howlite statement necklace in red, Happyface313 with a 'La Femme aux Semelles de Vent' 90 carré folded into a rectangle and tied with a Classique Grande scarf ring in dark MoP in a Criss-Cross knot. Perla with a 'Au Pays des Oiseau Fleurs' 90 carré, tied with a Shawl Ring into a Pleated Rectangular Fold

Hermes Picotin 18 with a MTC Picotin 18 bag insert in lilac

Kaya7 with a 'Faune Lettree' 90 carré in a Cowboy Knot, secured with a lacquered Classique Moyenne scarf ring in Bleu Marine

Still-life by Cecilia: Anneau Infinity lacquered scarf rings  in Vert Sapin, Teal, Rouge Jaipur and Rouge Noir

Ann-Charlotte with a 'Tatouage Jungle Love' 90 carré tied in a looped Basic Slide with a Grande Classique lacquered scarf ring in bleu marine

Katja with a 'Brazil' Maxi Twilly worn as an Obi belt, ends secured in the Basic Slide with a Grande Classique scarf ring in dark Mother Pearl

Still-life by myh_myh_myh: Kelly 28 in Malachite with Kelly 28 bag insert in gris

Still-life by myh_myh_myh: Carré pochette (90 carré, single) with Hermes bracelets and scarves

Lanit with a 'Les Léopards' Twilly secured with a Moyenne Classique horn scarf ring  in the Basic Slide.

Still-life by lifemagazin: 'Ponts de Paris' 90 carré with a boxed up Anneau Infinity scarf ring

Unwrapped: Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Copper/Bronze

Desert Mermaid with a 90 carré looped through a Scarf Fur Collar in Midnight blue and tied with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in ivoire in the Cross-slide.