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Apr 20, 2017

What a beautiful insert received it yesterday I love it

Apr 05, 2017

Dear MaiTai,

This is just to let you know my new scarf rings arrived in top condition.

The Mother of Pearl is a joy – the gavroches glide in and out so easily – I’ll have to order the Grande soon!

The shawl rings are utterly wonderful – the translucent works very well with light patterns and the unique piece I ordered is exactly that, unique! It looks great with practically everything, particularly my two maxi twilly cuts. The shawl rings look particularly great if one turns the middle of the maxi twilly cut into a choker, with the rest flowing down and displaying the two different sides.

Now I need to think about ordering some pochettes for my next trip. The colours of the linens are so beautiful, though, that it is hard to make up one’s mind!

Thank you so much for the blog and tutorials – they are really inspiring.

Apr 04, 2017

Dear MaiTai,
I purchased your plain stole in taupe/ecru ombré for a recent trip. I found myself using it more than anticipated. The ombré went with almost everything I brought. It was light, luxurious and had a lovely drape. After two weeks not one pull or snag and looks like new. Love it!

Mar 31, 2017

Dear founder of MaiTai,

I have received the big parcel from you and I just wanted to say: I haven’t even look at the purchases yet, but judging from how you have packed the products shows how serious you take your business and in delighting your customers. The level of details and quality of the wrapping to protect the products to arrive in good shape has really impressed me.

Thank you for giving me such a pleasant online shopping experience (especially compared to a horrendous one I recently have with an apparel retailer).

Wish you all the success with your business, look forward to seeing more products on your range going forward.


Priscilla Wu
Mar 30, 2017

Liebe MaiTai,
ich möchte Ihnen meine große Begeisterung über die bestellten taupefarbenen Schmuck-Organizer nicht verschweigen, die endlich für Ordnung und Übersicht in meiner Modeschmuckschublade sorgten und das morgendliche Styling dadurch wesentlich erleichtern.
Sehr herzliche Grüsse,

Mar 23, 2017

Iabsolutely love this gorgeous collar! Beautiful quality fur in a lovely soft color and excellent craftsmanship. Such a wonderful accessory to wear with all my Hermes scarves! Many thanks to MaiTai for this ingenious and versatile product."


Mar 17, 2017

Dear MaiTai,

I wanted to let you know that I received the insert for Picotin 18 in Gris and it’s gorgeous!! I love the color, perfect to combine with black!
Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic creations with us! Besides, the shipping was really fast.
Thank you so so much again!!! :)
Warmest regards,

Mar 14, 2017

Dear MaiTai,

Thank you very much for the parcel, it arrived safely a few days ago, and both the scarf organiser and the scarf rings are even more beautiful than in pictures!

Very best regards,

Marta Amusategui
Mar 09, 2017

This week I received your long neckless as a birthday present from my husband and I am overwhelmed! After receiving previously your handbag inserts, cashmere stole this was another absolutely luxuries item from you. Thank you for keeping up to every promise you make, its a pure joy to be your customer.


Feb 26, 2017

Hi MaiTai!

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been loving my new insert! I don’t know how I ever did without one! It really makes switching bags sooo much easier. It’s pretty and clearly well-made, and I’m so happy to have it.

I’ve also been enjoying the Collector’s Book. It’s bigger than I was expecting, but it fits perfectly in my drawer and really helps to organize my scarves.

I’m hoping for a 32 Kelly in the next year or so, and I will be sure to return for another insert.

Thank you!


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